Pre-con held for enterprise facilities in CAR

Date Published: February 23, 2021

Pre-construction conferences were held for facilities to support enterprise subprojects under the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) in the Cordillera.

During pre-construction conferences, guidelines and requirements to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of subprojects physically and financially are presented and discussed.

This activity further allows those involved, particularly the contractors, to know the processes that the PRDP requires. It is also an avenue for the Proponent Groups (PGs) to raise concerns to avoid future issues that may arise during implementation.

The facilities that underwent pre-con conference were: the construction of Ifugao Heirloom Rice Consolidation and Processing Center in support to the Processing and Marketing of Export Quality Ifugao Heirloom Rice and the construction of Heirloom Rice Center in support to Heirloom Rice Processing and Marketing Enterprise in Sadanga, Mountain Province. The PGs of the said subprojects are the Rice Terraces Farmers Cooperative (RTFC) and the Anabel Sadanga Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ASMPC) respectively.

While other regions are conducing virtual pre-con conferences, these PGs still prefer to have it in-person or face-to-face due to lack of internet access or weak internet signal. Minimum health and safety protocols have been observed during the conduct of the activities.

As the PGs await for the construction of the facilities to be completed, some of the goods that they have requested for their enterprise were already procured and delivered as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Engr. Roiston Carame, RPCO-CAR Procurement Officer said that the construction of these facilities should be physically completed not later than June of this year since these are funded under the first Additional Financing (AF1) of the PRDP.

A similar activity will also be conducted for the establishment of a greenhouse facility with storage to support the activities of the SRT La Trinidad Cooperative for their enterprise subproject on Potato Tuberlets Production and Marketing. ### Elvy Taquio Estacio (DA-PRDP RPCO-CAR)

Subproject site for the construction of Heirloom Rice Center (in support to Heirloom Rice Processing and Marketing Enterprise) in Sadanga, Mountain Province.

Subproject site for the construction of SRT greenhouse with storage (in support to the Potato Tuberlets Production and Marketing) in La Trinidad, Benguet.

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