Can a municipality/city become a procuring entity for PRDP subproject/s?

Date Published: June 7, 2017

Yes, as long as the municipality/city is identified in the VCA as crucial part in the value chain upgrading of the priority commodity/ies of its province but is not included by the province in the proposed subprojects in the PCIP.
The MLGU/CLGU can submit proposals directly to the RPCO, copy the same to the PLGU, for subsequent deliberation and integration in the PCIP, if found eligible. The participating MLGU/CLGU should also forge a MOA with the PRDP and be willing to provide the counterpart fund as the procuring entity.
A municipality does not need to create a separate commodity investment plan. A chartered city, however, will need to craft its own City Commodity Investment Plan (CCIP).



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