Pest Control Services for the Control of Termites in DA-IV-A Building

Date Published: August 24, 2023

RFQ No. SH-0043-23

Purchase Request No. 2023-066

Estimated Project Cost (EPC) : PhP68,000.00


General Treatment of Termite at COA Ceiling Office, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor Baseboard and Ceiling


1. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all products to be used must be registered with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)

2. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the DA-PRDP-PSO South Luzon with the Safety Data Sheet of the Products to be used.

3. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all works to be performed shall be supervised by a Supervising Pesticide Handlers and/or Pesticide Handlers

4. The CONTRACTOR shall assign technicians/personnel to do the massive pest and termite control treatment of all the buildings and premises mentioned.

The undertakings should be done in one (1) or two (2) days or more as the case may be. For safety purposes, if possible, treatments are to be scheduled on weekends prior to proper coordination with the DA-PRDP PSO South Luzon Representative / End-users concerned.



Please see attached REQUEST FOR QUOTATION for further details.


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