Construction of Cold Storage Facility for San Jose Onion Consolidation, Trading and Marketing

Date Published: January 17, 2023

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Simplified Bidding – Works



Construction of Cold Storage Facility for San Jose Onion Consolidation, Trading and Marketing


Solicitation No.: PRDP-IR-R04B-OCM-005-SAJ-001-2021



  1. The Government of the Republic of the Philippines has received a loan from the World Bank towards the cost of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and intend to apply part of the proceed of this loan for the payment for the cost of this contract: Construction of Cold Storage Facility for San Jose Onion Consolidation, Trading and Marketing.


  1. The Watchers Multi-Purpose Cooperative hereinafter referred to as the Proponent Group (PG), now requested interested applicants to submit quotation for the:


Name of I-REAP Subproject: San Jose Onion Consolidation, Trading and Marketing

Location:  Labangan Poblacion, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

Contract Name: Construction of Cold Storage Facility for San Jose Onion Consolidation, Trading and Marketing
Item No. Scope of Work Quantity Unit
  A. Civil Works
A.1.1 Provision of Field Office and Laboratory office for Engineer ( Rental Basis )  11.00 months
B.5 Project Billboard  1.00 Each
B.7 Construction Safety and Health  1.00 lot
B.9 Mobilization & Demobilization  1.00 lot
800 Clearing and Grabing  1,107.00 sq.m.
803 Structural Excavation  103.25 cu.m.
804(1)a Embankment & Compaction  1,083.41 cu.m.
804(4) Gravel Bedding  213.76 cu.m.
902(1)a1 Reinforcing Steel, Gr 40  24,333.01 kgs
903 Formworks and Falseworks  329.06 sq.m
900(1)c2 Structural Concrete (Footing and Slab on Fill) @28 days  261.47 cu.m.
900(1)c3 Structural Concrete (Footing Tie Beams) @28 days  9.74 cu.m.
900(1)c4 Structural Concrete (Columns) @28 days  41.34 cu.m.
900(1)c6 Structural Concrete (Beams/Girders) @28 days  8.35 cu.m.
1046 Masonry  245.07 sq.m
1027 Cement Plaster Finish  245.07 sq,m
1014 Prepainted Metal Roofing sheets (including accessories)  230.20 sq.m
1047 (1) Structural Steel (STEEL DECKING)  1.00 L.S
1047 (8) Structural Steel (TRUSS)  1.00 L.S
1047 (10) Metal Structures Accessories  1.00 L.S
1001(1)b2 200mm Ø  Concrete Pipe  66.00 l.m.
1001(1)b3 250mm Ø  Concrete Pipe  74.00 l.m.
1001(1)a5 50mm Ø  PVC Pipe  9.00 l.m.
1001(1)a7 100mm Ø  PVC Pipe  345.00 l.m.
1001(5)b Catch Basin -CHB (0.8mx0.8m)  13.00 ea
1001(5)b1 Catch Basin -CHB (1mx1m)  12.00 ea
1001(5)b2 Catch Basin -CHB (1.2mx1.2m)  1.00 ea
1001(11) Septic Tank  1.00 l.s.
1002(2)a2 Polyprophelyne Random Copolymer Pipes (20mm dia. PN20)  68.00 l.m.
1002(2)b3 Polyprophelyne Random Copolymer Pipes (25mm dia. PN20)  8.00 l.m.
1002(5)b Water Closet, Elongated, Complete (Flush Type)  1.00 set
1002(9)a Urinal, Flush Valve, Complete (Push Button Type)  1.00 set
1002(14)a Lavatory, Wall Hung, Complete (Manual Operated)  1.00 set
1002(16)a1 Floor Drain Plates (50mm Dia Stainless)  47.00 set
1002(23)b Water Meter (25mm dia)  1.00 pc
1018 Ceramic/Granite Tiles  10.04 sq.m.
1032(1)a Painting Works (Masonry / concrete Painting)  657.45 sq.m.
1032(1)c Painting Works (Metal Painting)  1.00 lot
1005-1006 Door & Windows  1.00 lot
  B. Special Items
SPL-1 Panelling Works  5,384.00 sq.m.
SPL-2 Refrigeration  1.00 lot
SPL-3 Electrical Works  1.00 lot
SPL-4 Genset  1.00 lot
SPL-5 3-150 KVA Pole mounted Transformers (Including Pole and Accessories)  1.00 lot


  1. Copy of the Bid Form is attached to this notice.  Bids must be marked with the name of the contract and the Solicitation No. PRDP-IR-R04B-OCM-005-SAJ-001-2021. Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope through hand carried or mailed to the PG official address below:


Name of PG-BAC Chairman :                       ANTONIO ANGELES
Official Address of PG           : Labangan Poblacion, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
Telephone number               : 0930-389-5327/0950-821-1595



  1. All entries must be typewritten or hand-written legibly.  Bid Form shall be submitted together with the following documents:


  1. Valid Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) License
  2. Copy of one completed contract similar to the contract being procured equivalent to 50% of the EPC for the last five years 
  3. List of construction key personnel required for the contract, and
  4. List of pledged equipment required for the contract as reflected in the RFQ


  1. Quotations must be submitted on or before January 26, 2023 at 10:00AM.


  1. A pre-bidding conference shall be conducted on January 24, 2023 at 10:00AM at the   Watchers MPC Conference Room, Labangan Poblacion, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro where interested suppliers may join.


  1. The procurement procedures will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the World Bank Procurement Guidelines and taking into consideration the related provisions in the Project Loan Agreement and Guidelines in the Procurement under the IBRD loans and IDA credits.


  1. The Watchers Multi-Purpose Cooperative reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation and to annul the procurement process or reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder/s. 



PG Bids and Awards Committee

Watchers Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Please see link above for the copy of Notice of RFQ and RFQ

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