Supply and Delivery of Package 2: Processing Equipment for the Odiongan Coco Sugar Processing Solicitation No. PRDP-IR-R04B-ROM-003-ODI-001-2019

Date Published: May 31, 2022

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 Supply and Delivery of Package 2: Processing Equipment for the Odiongan Coco Sugar Processing

Solicitation No. PRDP-IR-R04B-ROM-003-ODI-001-2019


  1. The Government of the Republic of the Philippines has received a loan from the World Bank towards the cost of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and intend to apply part of the proceed of this loan for the payment for the cost of this contract: Supply and Delivery of Package 2: Processing Equipment for Odiongan Coco Sugar Processing.


  1. The Organic Farmers, Producers & Processors Association of Odiongan (ORFPPASO) hereinafter referred to as the Proponent Group (PG), now requested interested applicants to submit quotation for the:
Contract Name:

Supply and Delivery of Package 2: Processing Equipment for the Odiongan Coco Sugar Processing

Item/Description Quantity UOM
Cooking Wok


–       90 Liter Wok

–       100cm Diameter

–       For granulation of coco sap

3 Pcs
Stainless Stocking Pot (150 Liters)


–       150 Liters

–       1.3mm Thick

–       60cm x 55cm (Diameter x Height)

–       For Boiling of Coco Sap

4 Pcs


–       Three measurement Ranges: 0-41%, 42-71%, 72-90%

–       Hand-held

–       Manual

–       To measure sugar and alcohol content of the coco cap

2 Pcs
Wall-mount Pot Wash Sink


–       1.2mm thick

–       Stainless Steel Sheet

–       T304 Sink (500 x 400 x 300mm) L x W x H

–       For washing all cooking tools and equipment

2 Pcs
Cabinet-type Drawer


–       2000mm x 300mm x 700mm (L x W x H)

–       1.0mm Thick, Stainless Steel Outer Panel

–       G.I Sheet galvanized 16 inner panel

–       1.2mm Thick, Stainless Steel Sheet Tray Holder

–       0.9mm Thick, Stainless Tray (20pcs), 18 x 13 inches (1.5 Kg Capacity)

–       Gas-fired with Thermostat control

–       With wheels

–       For further drying of coco sugar to achieve moisture content less than 3%

1 Unit
Center Prep Table with Mid and Bottom


–       2000mm x 1000mm x 864mm (L x W x H)

–       2 Layer Overhead Shelves, 2000mm x 300mm x 700mm

–       Used in cooling coco sugar in stainless basin

2 Units
Single Burner (2 Tubes) (Cooking)


–       Cast iron burner

–       Two tubes

–       For Cooking

3 Units
Gas Tank with Regulator


–       22Kg LPG Cylinder

–       Excess Flow Limiter

–       1.3kg/hr

–       For Cooking

4 Units
Mechanical Siever


–       Ef diameter Screen: 1,000mm

–       Eff area screen: 0.9499mm

–       Screen size: 100 – 635 mesh

–       Layers: 1-4 Layers

–       Power vibration motor: 1.5kw

–       Stainless Steel

–       For refined sieving

1 Pc
Weighing Scale (60kg)


–       30kg capacity scale

–       Digital / Electronic

–       For scaling of coco sugar before packaging

2 Pcs
Stainless 4-Tier Dish Rack


–       1600 x 500 x 1528mm (L x W x H)

–       For storage of tools and equipment

1 Pc
Stainless Corner side Prep Table with Sink


–       1600 x 600 x 864mm (L x W x H)

–       100 BS

–       As working table

–       For washing cooking tools and equipment

1 Pc
Vacuum Packer


–       Capable of large and small packages (using space filler to adjust)

–       Machine dimensions: 28 5/8 x 27 ½ x 43 ¼ “(730 x 700 x 1100mm) L x W x H

–       Chamber dimensions: 20 ¾ x 19 5/8 x 7 ¾ (520 x 500 x 200mm) L x W x H

–       Seal bar length: (2) x 20 3/8 (2,230mm)

–       Weight 403lbs (183kg)

–       Vacuum pump Capacity: 44.14 CFM (75m3/h)

–       Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

–       Standard Power Requirement: 220 / 240 v-3 phase, 60 HZ 2.4 – 3.5 Kw

–       For packaging of coco sugar on each plastic packaging to lengthen shelf life

1 Pc
Coding Machine


–       Size: 55-500mm x 30-300mm (L x W)

–       Speed: <300pc/minute

–       Ink Roller Size: 35 x 33mm

–       Printing max: 51 links, 10 letter/line

–       Dimensions: 400 x 345 x 250mm (L x W x H)

1 Pc
Pot Wash Sink


–       Dimensions: 400 x 345 x 250mm (L x W x H)

–       Weight: 23kg

–       For washing of equipment and Tools

1 Pc


–       Hand-truck trolley folding push cart

–       300 kg capacity

–       4 nylon wheels

–       Top handle bow folds easy storage

–       For faster transportation of goods

1 Pc
Moisture Meter


–       Scale type

–       Minimum operating temperature: +5C

–       Maximum operating temperature: +40C

–       For measuring the moisture

1 Unit
Stainless Basin


–       Stainless Steel

–       1.0mm thick, 12 inches diameter

25 Pcs
Plastic Container (20 Liters)


–       20 Liter plastic container

–       For hauling of coco sap

36 Pcs
Stainless Ladle / Stirrer


–       30 inches ladle

–       9-inch diameter

7 Pcs
Stainless Strainer


–       Fine mesh

–       Commercial grade

7 Pcs
Plastic Drum (Food Grade)


–       Black colored

–       80 Liters capacity with cover

–       For storage of boiled coco syrup

2 Pcs


  1. Copy of the Bid Form is attached to this notice. Bids must be marked with the name of the contract and the Solicitation No. PRDP-IR-R04B-ROM-003-ODI-001-2019.

Bids shall be submitted through any of the following:

  1. Through sealed envelope (hand carry to the PG official address)
  2. Through mail (courier) (delivered to the PG official address)
  3. Through email (received at the PG official email address)


Name of PG-PT

Chairman                           :

Mr. John Manuel Sermo
Official Address of PG    : Organic Trading Post (OTP) Bgry. Dapawan, Odiongan Romblon
Telephone number        : 0909-020-6192
Email address                  :


  1. All entries must be typewritten or hand-written eligibly.  Bid Forms shall be submitted together with the following documents:


  1. Valid business permit and
  2. BIR registration;

Note for Off the shelf Goods:


  1. a) The bidder/supplier must be an authorized dealer, distributor or manufacturer of the goods to be procured and the brand of the product offered must be in the Philippine market for at least 5 years prior to the bid opening; and


  1. b) The bidder must have after-sales service facilities in major cities in the region.


  1. Quotations must be submitted on or before June 01, 2022 @ 10:00AM.


  1. The procurement procedures will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the World Bank Procurement Guidelines and taking into consideration the related provisions in the Project Loan Agreement and Guidelines in the Procurement under the IBRD loans and IDA credits.


  1. The Organic Farmers, Producers & Processors Association of Odiongan Romblon (ORFPPASO) reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation and to annul the procurement process or reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder/s.




PG Procurement Team

Organic Farmers, Producers & Processors Association of Odiongan Romblon (ORFPPASO)

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