Procurement of Supplies for PSO Visayas Cluster

Date Published: September 22, 2020

Solicitation No. PSO-VIS-GOODS-009-20
EPC: Php 165,693.00



Procurement of Supplies for PSO Visayas Cluster

69 pcs Ballpen, Black 0.5
10 pcs Ballpen, Blue 0.5
10 pcs Ballpen, Red
5 box Binder Clips, Small-3/4″
20 box Binder Clips, Medium-1″
4 box Binder Clips, Large – 1 1/4″
4 box Binder Clips, Large – 2″
10 pack Board Paper, Short-White
150 ream Bond Paper, A4
200 ream Bond Paper, Long
71 ream Bond Paper, Short
10 ream Bond Paper, Short-120g/m2
56 pcs Correction Tape
5 roll Duct Tape 2”
39 pcs Envelope Brown, Short
66 pcs Envelope Brown, Long
156 pcs Envelope, Expandable Long, Brown
925 pcs Envelope, Mailing (Long)
5 pcs Eraser, Rubber
62 box Fastener, Plastic Coated
95 pcs Folder, Expanded Brown Long
26 pcs Folder, Expanded Blue
11 pcs Folder, Expanded Green
11 pcs Folder, Expanded Pink
11 pcs Folder, Expanded Red
26 pcs Folder, Expanded Yellow
248 pcs Folder, White Long (For Filling)
56 pcs Folder, White Short (For Filling)
10 pcs Folder Organizer
30 pcs Highlighter, Pastel Colors
40 pcs Glue, Elmer’s Glue (130g)
12 pcs Molar File, Blue
30 pad Notepad Stick-on, 2″x3′-100 sheets/pad
40 pad Notepad Stick-on, 3″x3″-100 sheets/pad
2 pad Notepad Stick-on, 3″x4″-100 sheets/pad
30 box Paper Clips Big
28 box Paper Clips Small
100 pcs Pen, Gelpen Black 0.3
50 pcs Pen, Gelpen Blue 0.3
10 pcs Pen, Gelpen Black 0.4
5 pcs Pen, Gelpen Violet 0.3
34 pcs Pencil #2
20 pcs Pentel Pen, Black Broad Tip
14 pcs Pentel Pen, Blue Broad Tip
4 pcs Pentel Pen, Red Broad Tip
10 pack Photopaper
1 pcs Puncher
4 box Rubber Band, 350g
5 pcs Ruler 12″
46 roll Scotch Tape 1″
9 roll Scotch Tape 2″
1 pcs Stamp Pad, 3″ x 5″
7 pcs Stapler with remover # 35
40 box Staple Wire #35
8 pack Sticker Paper, White
50 roll Tissue Paper
2 pcs Tray, Multi-Layer (3 layers)
10 roll Two-Sided Tape
10 pcs Whiteboard Marker, Assorted Color, Broad Tip
15 pad Color Index Stick-on
10 pcs Record Book, 200 pcs
10 pcs Record Book, Small
5 pcs Manila Paper
20 gallon Alcohol
20 pcs Ballpen, Pilot BP-S, Black
20 box Binder Clips-Mini 15mm (1.5cm)
50 pad “SIGN HERE” Sticky Note
10 pcs File Boxes, Legal (300 x 300)
3 ream PVC ID


Quotation of Prices must be “SEALED” and delivered at the address below not later than 5:00 P.M. of September 29, 2020.

PRDP Project Support Office (PSO) Visayas Cluster
2nd Floor, Iloilo Sports Complex
Magsaysay Village, Lapaz, Iloilo City

Quotation of Prices can also be emailed at not later than 5:00 P.M. of September 29, 2020.

The DA PRDP PSO-VISAYAS reserves the right to accept or reject any bid/quotation, to annul the bidding/quotation process, and to reject all bids/quotation at any time prior to contract/P.O. award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder/supplier or bidders/suppliers.

Please take note to attach the following supporting documents (photocopy is acceptable) when you pass/email your Quotation of Prices:

1. Business Permit (Updated/Latest)
2. PhilGEPS Registration Certificate
3. Certificate of Registration (BIR Tin)
4. Duly filled up and notarized Affidavit of Bidder (pls. see attached form in “Associated Components” link)




Deputy Project Director
PRDP-PSO Visayas Cluster

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