Who can propose for enterprise development subprojects?

Date Published: June 7, 2017

In implementing subprojects under the I-REAP Component, a proponent group is needed. The possible proponents for I-REAP subprojects are the following:


  • existing producer groups with members producing commodities included in the priority value chains and that have the potential to increase their marketable surplus;
  • farmers and fishery groups identified in the commodity value chain that have the potential to produce marketable surplus and demonstrate willingness to voluntarily adopt clustering of growers and forge contract marketing agreements with the private sector;
  • fishery groups in GEF areas with or without juridical personality; and
  • farmers and fishery groups in typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and earthquake-affected areas in Bohol with or without juridical personality. This is applicable for Year 1 subprojects only.


Farmers and fishers who are not members of any organization operating in the priority commodity value chain must join the proponent group for them to become eligible players in the enterprises supported by the I-REAP Component. Alternatively, they can also serve as suppliers of raw material requirements of the identified proponent group.



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