Request for Quotation for the Supply and Delivery of Various Ink

Date Published: February 21, 2018


PRAS No. 2018-036


Please quote your government price/s including delivery charges, VAT or other applicable taxes, and other incidental expenses for the goods listed in Annex A. Also, furnish us with descriptive brochures, catalogues, literatures and/or samples, if applicable.

If you are the exclusive manufacturer, distributor or agent in the Philippines for the goods listed in Annex A please attach in your quotation a duly notarized certification to this effect.

Please accomplish and submit this form together with Annex A to the Office of the PRDP NPCO Procurement Unit/SBAC Secretariat, at the 4th Floor, New DA Building, DA Compound, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City or email at on or before April 11 , 2018 at 12:00NN. For clarifications, you may contact DA-PRDP Procurement Unit at telephone nos. (02) 928-8751 local 2877.


  1.  Specifications here in provided are the minimum requirements of the DA-PRDP. Hence a bidder must not offer lower specifications than required.
  2.  Bidders/Suppliers may submit alternate offer provided that the DA-PRDP SBAC’s official canvass form shall be filled out with the the offered brand/model (if applicable), unit price, and total price, signed properly, and attached together with the Bidder’s/Supplier’s own canvass form.
  3.  Award shall be made on per: Total Quoted
  4.  Quotation validity shall not be less than: thirty (30) days
  5.  Terms of Delivery: Ten (10) working days upon receipt of approved P.O
  6.  Place of Delivery: 4th Floor, New DA Building, DA Compound, Elliptical Road, Diliman
  7.  Terms of Payment: within 45 days after the complete delivery
  8.  Liquidated Damages/Penalty: (1/10) of one percent for everyday of delay shall be imposed
  9.  In case of discrepancy between unit cost and total cost, unit cost shall prevail.
  10.  Mandatory Requirements for above Php50,000 Estimated Project Cost (EPC):
    a) Mayor’s Permit
    b) BIR Certificate of Registration
    c) PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration/ Printable PhilGEPS Membership Account
    Failure to attach mandatory requirements could be basis for non – compliance
Item No. Qty. Unit Purchaser’s Specifications Estimated Project Cost (EPC) in Php
1 30 pcs Canon 35 Black           21,000.00
2 25 pcs Canon 36 Color           28,750.00
3 35 pcs Canon 745 Black           33,250.00
4 35 pcs Canon 746 Color           40,250.00
5 60 pcs HP 932 Black         108,000.00
6 25 pcs HP 933 Yellow           27,500.00
7 25 pcs HP 933 Cyan           27,500.00
8 25 pcs HP 933 Magenta           27,500.00
9 15 pcs Laser jet Toner HP 05A           67,500.00
10 15 pcs Epson Ink jet 188 Black           27,750.00
11 10 pcs Epson Ink jet 188 Cyan           15,000.00
12 10 pcs Epson Ink jet 188 Yellow           15,000.00
13 10 pcs Epson Ink jet 188 Magenta           15,000.00
***********Page 1 of 1 ***********         454,000.00
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