About the Logo


DA-PRDP Logo project updated

The PRDP logo, embedded in the logo of the Department of Agriculture, is designed in a circular form to signify the holistic involvement and relevance of the Program to the country’s agriculture and fishery industry.

It is also represents the PRDP’s inclusive nature as it embraces the participation of all sectors in the industry from farmer-and fisher-producers to the commercial manufacturers as part of the program’s goal of full market integration.

The white roads that cut across the green field and blue seas leading to the horizon represent the vision of the Program as it aims to complement the continuing efforts of the Department of Agriculture, particularly in establishing additional infrastructure, value-adding and market-oriented livelihood projects along the food supply chain.

The forward direction towards the horizon – emblazoned on the sun as it rays, collared with the bright combination of hues and green and yellow – signify hope.

The six rays of the sun represent the six years allotted to implement the Program, as well as the six key players that work and team up to implement the Program, namely: the National Government, World Bank, Department of Agriculture, Local Government Units Farmer’s and fisherfolk groups, and the other partner and oversight agencies.

The verdant field and the cerulean seas collectively show agri-fishery climate resiliency envisioned by the Program to ensure that its projects will lead to abundant and increased harvest, and bigger incomes for all players along the food supply chain.

In its entirety, the symbols and the colors used in the logo communicate hope, enthusiasm and optimism for the country’s agriculture and fishery sector.