How can the private sector participate in the PRDP?

Date Published: June 7, 2017

How can the private sector participate in the PRDP?

Generally, the private sector’s participation in the PRDP is to serve as the buyer or market outlet for products produced by proponent groups. In some cases, however, they may directly participate in the Project.

The PPMIU may develop and implement marketing agreements between smallholders and the private sector that aim to improve market access of the producers group in the area. In this case, the PPMIU will invite the private sector as business partners in providing support services to the identified producers group. This is true for value chains or subprojects that are highly integrated such as cacao, coffee, geonet and poultry, among others. The criteria in selecting private sector partner could include the following:


  • Committed to enter into marketing contract or buy-back agreement with the producer group
  • Will undertake technology transfer on the provided goods and/or services
  • Financial and organizational capability to undertake the proposed enterprise
  • Established actual experience in undertaking or implementing the proposed enterprise



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