RPCO 7 Hiring of Consultancy Services (Individual Consultants) Hiring of One (1) Compliance Officer (Closing Date: February 23, 2017 @ 5:00 pm) [RPCO-7-SIC-011-17]

Date Published: February 10, 2017

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Hiring of Consultancy Services (Individual Consultant)
Solicitation No. RPCO-7-SIC-011-17
EPC: Php 54,000.00/month

1.The Government of the Philippines has been granted a loan from the World Bank towards the cost of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this loan to payment for the cost of hiring an COMPLIANCE OFFICER.

2.The PRDP­RPCO 7, hereunder referred to as the End User, now request interested applicants to submit Expressions of interest for the HIRING OF INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT namely:
QUANTITY/UNIT: 1 man­-month
UNIT PRICE Php: 54,000.00/month



The Compliance Officer will be engaged to assist the Project management in ensuring the full observance of the management and implementation, operations and personnel administration as a whole, with the regulatory rules and regulations, polices and guidelines set forth in the Project operations manual.


A. Job Description

Reporting directly to the Deputy Project Director, the Compliance Officer will serve as a channel of communication from the different components and units to receive and direct issues and concerns related to compliance to standard operations, policies and regulations to the Deputy Project Director and coordinates with concerned components/units for necessary action and resolution.

B. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides the necessary technical and legal assistance in the review and evaluation of various Contracts, Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) and Implementation Management Agreement (IMA) of subprojects under the Philippine Rural Development Project;
2. Reviews contracts, agreements and other legal documents for approval of the Project Director and Deputy Project Director;
3. Advises and guides the ODPD on all matters of legal and constitutional nature;
4. Provides substantive legal advice on staff conditions of service, privileges and immunities, staff rules and regulations;
5. Provides legal opinions and performs extensive legal research and analysis on legal issues for the office;
6. Develops and maintains an organized system in channeling communications to and from the different components and units for effective general operation of the Project and its related activities following set guidelines and policies to prevent illegal, unethical and improper conduct;
7. Collaborates with other components and units for periodic updates and review of set of standards to ensure continuing relevance in channeling of information and communication that provides guidance for efficient execution and implementation of program activities;
8. Monitors, reviews and evaluates, as necessary, compliance actions to issues and concerns related to operations, policies and procedures that arise within the Project to ensure that these are appropriately 
evaluated, investigated and resolved by concerned party.
9. Coordinates with components and units in producing project documentations and/or reports and ensures that proper reporting of project progress, implementation issues and concerns and other forms of documentations related to the project are observed and updated.
10. Prepares and reviews system’s manual, briefing kits, briefers, presentation materials and other documentations as directed by supervisor.
11. Establishes proper recording, filing and archiving of all project documentations and reports created and reviewed;
12. Performs other tasks as may be required by higher authorities.

C. Competencies and Skills

1. Ability to monitor compliance to project operations manual, policies and guidelines of the project;
2. Capable in the review, monitoring and evaluation of issues and concerns related to compliance;
3. Ability to be discrete and able to keep confidential information;
4. Strong interpersonal communication skills;
5. Demonstrates the principle of completed staff work;
6. Have strong writing and editing skills;
7. Able to work efficiently on documents and tasks while maintaining quality of work even under pressure and tight deadlines.

D. Educational Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in governance and/or legal courses or any related 4-year degree course;
2. Has adequate experience, preferably at least two (2) years of professional work experience, in the field of compliance review and monitoring to operations, policies and governance.
3. Familiar with relevant policies, guidelines and mandates related to agriculture, fisheries and forestry in the Philippines.
4. Preferably knowledgeable on policies and guidelines in implementing development works related to agriculture of foreign-assisted projects, particularly World Bank.

JOB LOCATION: Regional Project Coordination Office 7, Mandaue City

4. Bidding procedures will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the World Bank Guidelines and taking into consideration the rated provisions in the Project Loan Agreement and Guidelines in the Procurement under the IBRD loans and IDA credits. The individual consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedure set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, May 2011.

5. All Expressions of Interest (EOIs) together with Curriculum Vitae and all necessary documents must be delivered in hard copies placed in a sealed enveloped marked: ”HIRING OF CONSULTANCY SERVICES (INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANTS)” SOLICITATION NO. RPCO-7-SIC-011-17.

6. Expression of Interest (EOI) must be delivered at the address below not later than 5: 00 P.M. of February 23, 2017. SBAC Secretariat Office Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office No.7 DA¬RFO 7 Complex, Highway Maguikay, Mandaue City.

7. The PRDP­RPCO 7 reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annul the selection of Individual Consultants (SIC) process of reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder/bidders.



Special Bids and Awards Committee

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