Major Components

  • Infrastructure Development – this component aims to improve the links from production areas to markets to enhance the efficiency of transporting agricultural products. It also aims for higher productivity as a result of increased cropping intensity and yields, food security and improved health from readily available potable water and lower post harvest losses resulting in higher volume of outputs and more efficient support facilities.


  • Enterprise Development – this component aims to engage broad sections of the sector in the production of marketable surplus through investments in strategic segments of priority commodity value chains and strengthening collaboration between DA and the Local Government Units. It shall strengthen and develop viable agri-fishery based enterprises through efficient value chain of key regional agri-fishery product.


  • Local Planning – this component aims to enhance the Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Plan through science-based tools and to harmonize regional and provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Plan through the formulation of the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan using value chain approach.


  • Project Support – this component aims to provide efficient and effective project management and implementation, establish a standard on services and technical assistance and effective mode of engagement with LGUs.