E. Visayas conducts CMT consultation forum in two successfully implemented I-BUILD subprojects

Date Published: February 23, 2021

To capacitate community members in monitoring the subprojects under the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP), the Citizen’s Monitoring Team of the PRDP RPCO 8, spearheaded by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit conducted a consultation forum in two(2) of the successfully completed farm-to-market roads, namely, the Concreting of Concepcion-Bagumbayan-Hampangan FMR in Hilongos, Leyte, and the Rehabilitation/Concreting of Suba-Kanangkaan-San Vicente-San Juan FMR in Sogod, So. Leyte.

“Through this consultation forum and training, the community will now be able to personally monitor the projects guided with the questionnaire designed and anchored on good governance principles of transparency, accountability, community consultation, actual involvement and participation,” said Lorenzo Villacorte, PRDP RPCO 8 M&E Officer.

The participants were given survey questionnaires which served as their training tool on what and how to go about the monitoring process while practicing how to answer them during the consultation. This questionnaire included important factors such as management support system, contract review process, inspection and testing procedures, document control procedures, operations and maintenance procedures, and other social and environment safeguard aspects.

Florito Timblaco, Brgy. Chairman of Brgy. Kanangkaan, Sogod, So. Leyte is “happy that this activity was initiated for us to be more involved in the implementation of PRDP projects. We feel recognized and thankful because this has provided us additional knowledge and skills. We hope that with good coordination between the PRDP and LGUs, more projects will be successfully implemented.”

Further, he said that “before, we could only share how the rehabilitation/concreting of Suba to San Juan FMR has helped in boosting the economy of our barangay where lots of mountain resorts were established and the transport of farm goods is now better because we can easily access market for our harvests as a result of having this project. Now, the knowledge we have gained from this training, equipped us in knowing whether the project is implemented well or not.”

The training was also intended to designate a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) representative from the local government unit (LGU).

10 respondents participated in Hilongos, while Sogod sent 18 participants. They composed mostly of LGU representatives and barangay officials.

The Rehabilitation/Concreting of Suba-Kanangkaan-San Vicente-San Juan FMR in Sogod, So. Leyte was completed in September 2018. Meanwhile, the Concreting of Concepcion-Bagumbayan-Hampangan FMR in Hilongos, Leyte was completed last July 2019, four months ahead from its target completion date. This accorded the LGU Hilongos the fitting recognition as the Best Implementer of Philippine Rural Development Project nationwide. (Jennina June Leira L. Brosas, RPCO 8 Writer)

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