MSU TCTO-PRDP-Farmers Harvest Outplanted Lab-Generated Seaweed

Date Published: December 23, 2022

A bountiful harvest awaits the seaweed farmers of Brgy. Tondon, Panglima Sugala after the second harvesting of laboratory generated seedstock at their sea-based nursery.

The sea-based nursery is part of Phase 2 of the seaweed project of DA-PRDP with MSU Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography specifically (MSU-TCTO) on “Mass Production of Laboratory-Generated Seaweed Seedstocks Kappaphycus SPP and Eucheuma SP and the Establishment of Seaweed Nursery to Support Sustainable Seaweed Industry in Tawi-tawi” which is funded under the I-PLAN’s sub-component 1.2 of DA-PRDP.

Phase 1 of the project on the propagation of laboratory generated seedstocks showed a promising growth rate compared to the existing stock of farmed seaweeds which were dependent on the application of fertilizers. Phase 2 of the project focused on providing a sustainable source of quality seaweeds seedlings to farmers through the mass production of the laboratory generated seaweed seedstocks. It also aims to determine the impacts of fertilizer use in seaweed farming as well as address the same issue.


Aside from harvesting, the activity included distribution of seaweed planting materials such as seaweed seedstocks, soft tie, and nylon rope.

A stakeholder’s consultation also took place where important discussion on the impact and challenges they encountered during the project implementation were tackled.


The support of MSU TCTO headed by Chancellor Mary Joyce Z. Guinto-Sali together with the research team led by Project Leader Dr. Richard N. Muallil and the full cooperation and participation of the seaweed farmers in Brgy. Tondon have been a great help in ensuring the proper and continuous conduct of the study with high hopes of distributing quality seedstocks to seaweed farmers in Tawi-tawi. Representatives from RPCO BARMM also joined the said activity led by I-PLAN Planning Officer Elsie Omandam.


After the harvesting, MSU-TCTO would collect data and conduct further analysis on the harvested seaweeds. (Joy Montecalvo, PSO Min| Photos by RPCO BARMM)

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