Hiring of Individual Consultant (SIDS, Compliance Officer, PDA, Admin Assistant, Admin Aide & KMS) SIC-002-2021 & PRAS Nos. 2020-178, 180, 185 & 179)

Date Published: February 22, 2021



Hiring of Consultancy Services (Individual Consultant)

Solicitation No. SIC-002-2021

PRAS 2020-178 Estimated Project Cost: PhP 828,000.00

PRAS 2020-180 Estimated Project Cost: PhP 432,000.00

PRAS 2020-185 Estimated Project Cost: PhP 288,000.00

PRAS No. 2020-179 Estimated Project Cost: PhP 3,888,000.00


  1. The Government of the Philippines has received a loan (Loan no. 8421-PH & 8816-PH ) from the World Bank towards the cost of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this loan to payments for the cost of Hiring of Consultancy Services (Individual Consultant) / Technical Assistance (TA).


  1. The Department of Agriculture hereinafter referred to as the “End-User” now requests you to submit Expression of Interest for the HIRING OF INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT namely:


Item No. Position Title No. of person to be hired Duration of Contract (approx.)

Renewal/Rehiring of Contract shall be based on performance evaluation & Availability of Funds

Monthly Salary


Total Cost


Office of the National Deputy Project Director (ONDPD)
PRAS no. 2020-178
1 Senior Institutional Development Specialist 1 February – June, 2021

(5 months)

72,000.00 360,000.00
2 Compliance Officer 1 66,000.00 330,000.00
PRAS No. 2020-180
3 Project Development Associate 1  

February – June, 2021

(5 months)

42,000.00 210,000.00
4 Administrative Assistant 1 30,000.00 150,000.00
I-SUPPORT Component
PRAS No. 2020-185
5 Administrative Assistant 1  

February – June, 2021

(5 months)

30,000.00 150,000.00
Administrative Unit
6 Administrative Aide 1 February – June, 2021

(5 months)

18,000.00 90,000.00
Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
PRAS No. 2020-179
7 Knowledge Management Specialist 1 February – June, 2021

(5 months)

66,000.00 330,000.00


  1. ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE TOR NRM AA_ver 11Feb2021 TOR NRM PDA_ver 15Feb2021.docx final TOR_Compliance Officer revised 2021 TOR-Admin Assistant I-SUPPORT TOR-KM Specialist.docx final TOR-SID


  1. Bidding procedures will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the World Bank Guidelines and taking into consideration the related provisions in the Project Loan Agreement and Guidelines in the Procurement under IBRD loans and IDA credits. The individual consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedure set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, January 2011.


  1. Interested proponents shall submit their Letter of Expression of Interest, one (1) copy of Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents (if necessary) via email at prdpsbacsec@gmail.com or through a sealed envelope with signature affix on the flap and marked;



Solicitation No.:              SIC-002-2021

PRAS No.:                              (Assigned PRAS No.)

Position:                                (Position desired)


Sealed application can be delivered at Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)National Project Coordination Office (NPCO) Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) Secretariat4th Floor, New DA Building, Department of Agriculture Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City.

The deadline for submission of application/ Expression of Interest & Curriculum Vitae is not later than 03 March 2021 at 4:00 PM

7.  If you have any question or concern, you may contact us at 928-8751 Loc. 2878/2877 or visit us at NPCO PRDP Procurement Unit from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday at the PRDP Procurement Unit Office, 4/F New DA Building, DA Compound Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City.

8. The Department of Agriculture reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the Selection of Individual Consultants (SIC) process or reject all EOIs at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder/bidders.


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