One of the completed FMRs in RT Lim Zamboang Sibugay. (Photos by RPCOIX)

Zambo Sibugay implements 18 infra projects under DA-PRDP

Date Published: February 17, 2021

The Province of Zamboanga Sibugay implements 18 infrastructure subprojects worth P1.175 billion under the Department of Agriculture Philippine Rural Development Project.
Out of these 18 subprojects, 10 have already been completed while the rest are still on process or under implementation.

Of the sixteen (16 ) municipalities in the province, nine (9) have availed infrastructure support and intervention from DA-PRDP.

To date, the Municipality of Buug has three (3) farm-to-market road subprojects worth P199.53 million with a combined length of 10.73 kilometers, and one (1) of these is already completed.

The Municipality Talusan also has three (3) subprojects with a total distance of 9 km worth P132.6 million which include two completed subprojects and one under implementation.
Meanwhile, the Municipality of Alicia has two (3) subprojects which are both completed measuring 4.53 km amounting to P46.49 million.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Olutanga availed two (2) subprojects from PRDP which are still on-going with a total length of 9.15 km amounting to P155.38 million.

The Municipality of Mabuhay has one 7.95 km FMR subproject with bridge worth P139.41 million; Municipality of Tungawan with one (1) 7.95 km FMR worth P87.78 million; Municipality of Siay with one (1) 6.96 km FMR worth P61.03 million; and Municipality of Titay with one (1) 3.06km FMR worth P57.8 million.

Among these municipalities, the Municipality of Roseller Lim acquired the highest number of infrastructure subprojects. It currently has four (4) FMR subprojects worth P295.77 million with a total length of 19.42 kilometers.

Through the implementation of these  farm-to-market roads and bridges which combines for a length of 78.75 km, transportation for farmers and their agricultural products from their farms to the market will now be easier.

The Infrastructure Development or IBUILD Component’s primary objective is to improve the links from production areas to markets in order to enhance the efficiency of transporting agricultural products and to lower post-harvest losses resulting in higher volume of outputs and more efficient support facilities.

The Province of Zamboanga Sibugay primarily produces rice, corn, coconuts, rubber, coffee, cacao, and root crops. They also have livestock and poultry productions which are predominantly small-scale and backyard operations.

In the recent PSO-RPCO Coordination meeting, the Province of Zamboanga Sibugay was also included among Top 10 provinces with highest Non-PRDP Subproject. This means they are able to leverage the use of existing Provincial Commodity Investment Plans (PCIP) to obtain additional projects from other agencies aside from DA-PRDP. (Joy M. Montecalvo)

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