World Bank Commends Mindanao Cluster Accomplishments

Date Published: June 1, 2022

The World Bank team lauded the Mindanao Cluster’s accomplishments in the 14th Implementation Support Mission on May 24, 2022.

Among the significant accomplishments of the Mindanao Cluster is the “Alalay sa Paghan-ay: PRDP Mindanao Technical Assistance, Recovery and Mentoring Program for LGUs and PGs Affected by Typhoon Odette” which is an initiative taken by the Regional Project Coordination Office (RPCO) 13 to bring aid to those affected by the storm last December, in particular their support proponent groups (PGs) and farmer and fisher communities.
RPCO 13 was able to provide assistance to their PGs by coordinating with other government agencies and channeling support from the DA-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA), and PLGU of Agusan del Norte including DA’s banner program such as High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP), Corn & Cassava Program, and Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service Division (AMAD). Additional aid and assistance was also provided by other DA Regional Field Offices in Mindanao as a show of solidarity and support.
World Bank Co-Task Team Leader Maria Theresa Quiñones thanked the Project Support Office (PSO) and the Regional Project Coordination Offices (RPCOs) of Mindanao cluster for their collective effort and commitment to the Project.
“We are very thankful and inspired by the proactivity show by your team, especially by Region 13,” said Quiñones. “You did not just look at helping PRDP subprojects, but you even looked beyond to MRDP subprojects and provided them necessary assistance within the program and projects of DA which included linking with the LGU and a lot more. The Alalay sa Pag Han-ay is a very important and critical support to the Project. Thank you so much.”
The Mindanao Cluster has a high rate of institutionalization of Commodity Investment Plans with a total of 1,448 committed and proposed non-PRDP Subprojects amounting to P48 Billion.
“I would also like to recognize and acknowledge in behalf of the Bank that there are a number of accomplishments from your Cluster that rank far above the national average. The P68 billion total leveraged funds corresponding to 30% of the total funds coming from PRDP with 70% of the total generated from funds leveraged outside of PRDP. With a big effort such as that, thanks and recognitions go to every one of you,” Quiñones added.
The PSO Mindanao’s Operation & Maintenance Audit System (PRDP-OMAS) results also showed significant results with 145 conducted OMAS in six regions where 120 were rated “Good” and 25 were rated “Fair” or “Satisfactory”.
According to Quinones, the result of the OMAS is a very good indication that the Cluster is doing a lot and there is a need to continue to exert the same effort given the new subprojects that will be implemented under the Second Additional Financing and EU Co-financing Grant.
The World Bank Team also highlighted the various innovations of PRDP such as the electronic back-to-office report(e-BTOR), PRDP’s Social and Environmental Standards Toolkit, the Mindanao Online C.A.F.E, Knowledge Sharing Platforms, Production of Knowledge Products, and Mindanao Cluster Awards.
Quinones suggested that these innovations, especially the use of KoboToolBox, should be reported to the GEMS team in Washington as another innovation by PRDP.
PSO Mindanao Deputy Project Director Noel T. Provido presented the Mindanao Cluster Report which for the mid-year review adopted the theme “A New Day for Unity”.
In his opening message, he described PSO Mindanao’s experience for Mindanao as being at a crossroads.
“We are at the crossroad of looking back and moving forward. Looking forward means revisiting & recalibrating our strategies, our recent subproject completion under the Original Loan and First Additional Financing,” said Provido. “Moving forward, we must set the momentum towards acceleration of compliance from our robust portfolio under second additional financing and EU Co financing grant of which we in the Mindanao are lucky to be recipient.”
In his welcome message, PSO Mindanao Project Director Abel James I. Monteagudo emphasized unity as one of the keys to successful project implementation. “If there is one thing we have learned, the one thing that has allowed us to carry on through these past couple of years is that the only way forward is by being united,” said Monteagudo. “If we are to accomplish anything from here on we need to be united in heart, mind and in commitment. Only by being united can we forge a path towards a better future, a new and better day for Mindanao and the Philippines.”

The 14th World Bank Implementation Support Mission which marks the first time the Project wide activity is conducted in a blended format since the onset of the Pandemic will run from May 23 to June 13, 2022. (Joy Montecalvo, PSO Min)

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