PRDP Mindanao Meets for Strategy Setting, Consultation with World Bank

Date Published: September 1, 2023

PRDP PSO Mindanao Project Director Abel James Monteagudo leading the discussion on the updates on subproject implementation in the Mindanao Cluster.

With the fourth quarter of 2023 coming in the horizon and two big ticket projects on the way, PRDP Mindanao’s Regional Project Coordination Offices (RPCOs) led by their project directors, deputy project directors and component and unit heads together with the Project Support Office Mindanao converged in Davao City for their coordination meeting and consultation with the World Bank Team from August 29 – September 1, 2023.

The coordination meeting will include discussions on the fast-tracking the completion of 55 infrastructure and 49 enterprise subprojects which are funded under the Second Additional Financing and European Co-Financing Grant which is set to end in 16 months’ time.

In his message, PRDP Mindanao Project Director Abel James Monteagudo urged those present to work together to meet the targets for the Cluster.

“Although we only have one more quarter left for the year, we hope that we can still deliver a lot,” said Monteagudo. “Let’s help each other with our tasks and always keep a positive mindset so we can work better.”

PRDP PSO Mindanao Deputy Project Director Noel Provido

Deputy Project Director Noel Provido presented the updates on the Mindanao Cluster’s performance and highlighted ways forward to stay on target in terms of fund disbursements and utilization and subproject completion. Director Provido emphasized the need to strengthen the monitoring of ongoing subprojects to ensure their completion and for on-the-ground presence to meet with key subproject stakeholders, provide substantial assistance to proponent groups, and to document the ways the Project is catering to the needs especially of EU-funded community beneficiaries.

PRDP PSO Mindanao Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Head Joseph Rico

In line with the need for strengthened monitoring, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Head Joseph Rico presented the PRDP Mindanao Disbursement Tracking Dashboard, a tool developed by the M&E team that allows for the real-time monitoring of subproject billing which is the basis for the disbursement of funds within the Cluster.

Aside from the coordination meeting, the four-day activity will also coincide with the workshops for the Mindanao Inclusive Agriculture Development Project (MIADP) which will also be initially handled by PRDP Mindanao.

PRDP National Deputy Project Director Shandy Hubilla

Speaking in behalf of DA Assistant Secretary for Operations and PRDP National Project Director Arnel de Mesa, PRDP National Deputy Project Director Shandy Hubilla expressed their full confidence in the capability of the Mindanao Team in delivering results.

“We’d like to give this message that the DA Management is all out in supporting the PSO Mindanao and all the six RPCOs,” said Hubilla. “At this point in our project life, let us commit to three things – to the process, to our outcomes, and to the legacy that we will be leaving behind.”

World Bank Task Team Leader Mio Takada

World Bank Task Team Leader Mio Takada also thanked the PRDP Team for their hard work and progress which she hopes will also carry over to the MIADP.

“Congratulations for all your achievements,” said Takada. “Now let us get ready for the next set of challenges which I am confident we can jointly overcome.” (Joseph John Palarca | PSO Mindanao)

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