PRDP Mindanao Conducts Skills Enhancement Training on EIA and IEE Prep

Date Published: March 25, 2024

The PRDP Mindanao Project Support Office Social, Environmental, and Safeguards (SES) Unit spearheaded the conduct of a training on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) preparation last March 19-22, 2024 in Davao City.

The training aimed to provide participants with additional skills and knowledge in preparing comprehensive EIA and IEE as well as other relevant monitoring reports based on the revised guidelines as mandated under the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System. The training also tackled mandatory subprojects’ screening in keeping with the standards required by law.

Environmental Management Bureau Section Chief of EIAS Engr. Melvin Dapitanon discussed some of the important highlights of PD 1586 on Environment Impact Assessment System.

Dr. Reynaldo C. Navacilla, EnP, provided an extensive overview of the EIA Procedural Manual, emphasizing the critical role of EIAs in assessing the potential environmental impacts of projects. Dr. Navacilla stressed the importance of anticipation and mitigation strategies to address foreseeable impacts, underscoring the need for a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan.

EnP Rose Sheena N. Arnibal also presented the Importance of Monitoring of the Projects’ Compliances to the conditions described in the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) and the EMP in the Impact Assessment Report. The PROPONENT whose projects have been issued an ECC is primarily responsible for monitoring their projects. She also presented the vital role of the Pollution Control Officer in the project site. An add-on information regarding the on-line application of ECC was discussed step-by-step.

Throughout the training, participants gained insights into the importance of collaboration between stakeholders, including local residents, LGUs, and regulatory bodies like the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB). Practical guidance on online ECC application processes further facilitated participants’ understanding and preparedness to navigate environmental compliance requirements effectively.

By equipping participants with enhanced skills and knowledge in EIA preparation and environmental monitoring, the training serves as a crucial step towards fostering environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable development practices in Mindanao. As participants return to their respective roles, they carry with them a renewed commitment to safeguarding the environment and integrating environmental considerations into project planning and implementation processes.

This training was attended by technical staff from the PRDP Mindanao Cluster’s SES and IREAP teams from the PSO and RPCOs, as well as representatives from Mindanao LGUs. (Joy Montecalvo)

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