Photo op with PSO, RPCO BARMM, and MSU key personnel

PRDP Gears Up for Phase 2 Project with MSU TCTO

Date Published: March 5, 2020

A team from IPLAN PSO Mindanao and RPCO BARMM conducted a follow up meeting regarding the IPLAN sub-component 1.2 with the Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography.

The phase 1 of the said sub-component was already completed after its out planting activity held around second quarter of 2019. This component deals with an area-based technical service delivery in partnership with other agencies.

Phase 1 focused on the propagation of lab generated Euchematoids Seaweeds which aimed to provide disease resistant and high yielding seaweed planting material in an effort to increase the production of seaweed in Tawi-tawi.

According to Ms. Karen Joy Serag, technical assistant in-charge in seaweed cultivars laboratory, there was a recorded difference on the growth rate of the seaweed cultivars from the laboratory compared to the one used by farmers.

“Last year, we focused on micro propagation and branch culture of our seaweed cultivars. We monitor their growth, survival, and the occurrence of ice-ice disease. After two to three months, we out planted them. Based on our studies, the cultivars we propagated in the laboratory have a higher growth rate of 4% compared to daily growth rate based on the cutting of farmers which is around 1.5-2.5%,” said Serag.

Preparing seaweed cultivars inside the MSU TCTO

For phase 2 of the project, the IPLAN had a meeting with MSU TCTO Director Richard N. Maallil. They discussed the finalization of the program contract for Phase 2 as continuation of Phase 1.

They were eyeing to focus more on mass propagation of the seaweed from the lab and distribute these materials to the farmers to ensure that they would produce more quality seaweeds. These planting materials are considered climate resilient with faster growth rate, and higher carrageenan content.

To date, they are still working on the finalization of the program for phase two (2) which targeted to happen this year.

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