PSO, RPCO team with the contractor during the project monitoring in Sapa-sapa (Photo by Joy Montecalvo)

Monitoring Projects in Tawi-tawi’s Island Municipalities

Date Published: March 6, 2020

For the people of the island municipalities in Tawi-tawi, the existence of concrete roads in their community give them hope that more development project will come in their area.

That’s why the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project constantly conducts a close monitoring to these infrastructure subprojects in order to fulfill the dreams of these people.

Last February 18-20, 2020, a team composed of IBUILD, GGU, and SES from PSO Mindanao and RPCO BARMM had a project site monitoring in two municipalities in Simunul and Sapa-sapa.

They first visited the on-going concreting of Panglima Mastul Farm-to-Market Road in Municipality of Simunul, Tawi-tawi where they addressed some challenges encountered during the implementation of the project such as transportation of large equipment from the mainland to the island. They also met the contractor of the project where they discussed how to fast-track the implementation.

This 4 kilometers road worth P42.43 million has 48.21% accomplishment. Once completed, this road will benefit soon the 4,958 individual beneficiaries or 720 households in the area.

On-going construction of FMR in Simunul. (Photo by Michael Ian Sastrillo)

Aside from Simunul, they went to Municipality of Sapa-sapa to check the construction of Lookan Latuan-Palate Farm to Market Road with a total length of 3.9 kilometers worth P 45.77 million. This FMR has 3,940 individual beneficiaries or 276 households, and it already achieved 36.96% accomplishment.

The team inspected the quality of the materials as well as the standard of the concreted portion of the road. They conducted survey to the whole stretch of the said road to see the preparations made before cementing it.

Strict site monitoring and inspection of subprojects are some of the best practices of the DA-PRDP where they ensure that projects are being implemented properly, and problems or issues on the ground level can be addressed immediately.

Currently, Sapa-sapa is planning for two more proposals which include one (1) FMR and one (1) enterprise subproject on seaweeds. The site for each of this subproject were also validated by the team.(Joy Montecalvo)



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