MAFAR-PRDP Intensifies Support for Seaweed Farmers in Tawi-Tawi

Date Published: September 20, 2021

The Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR), through the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP), headed by Deputy Project Director Ammal D. Solaiman, conducted a three-day Enterprise Business Process Review (EBPR) last September 7-9, at DanMAR Beach Resort, Bonggao, Tawi-Tawi.

RPCO BARMM Deputy Project Director Ammal D. Solaiman with Balimbing Seaweed’s Farmer’s and Fisherfolk’s Producer’s Cooperative President Norata Soon

Supervised by the Regional Project Coordination Office (RPCO) BARMM, the MAFAR-PRDP has five (5) ongoing subprojects on seaweeds production Marketing Enterprise under Investment for the Rural Enterprise for Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity (I-REAP) in Tawi-Tawi.

The training aimed to strengthen the capability of the Proponent Groups in the enterprise operations and management and help the members and management personnel of the cooperatives as proponent groups carry out their tasks and responsibilities consistently.

Joint PSO Mindanao & RPCO BARMM Team from left to right Isaias Escabarte (PSO Mindanao I-REAP PDA), Michael Ian Sastrillo (RPCO BARMM I-REAP BDO), Elsie Omandam (RPCO BARMM I-PLAN Officer), Suharto Dalig (RPCO BARMM GIS Officer), Al-Aviv Pedulat (RPCO BARMM SES Associate Officer), Sheryl Baganian (RPCO BARMM Associate Procurement Officer)

Provincial Director of MAFAR Tawi-Tawi, Aidarus I. Nami, Ed.D., advised the participants to work very hard and ensure the sustainability of their projects for the upliftment of their lives.

“MAFAR is always willing to listen and give the services needed by the people, and we are building the government that is acceptable by all Bangsamoro people,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the RPCO-BARMM and Project Support Office (PSO) Mindanao, represented by I-PLAN Specialist Karl Elden Raquilme, I-REAP Business Development Officer Engr. Breda Dimas and Project Development Associate Isaias Escabarte also conducted a series of subproject monitoring and validation on the Proposed project areas under the I-REAP subproject component headed by Business Development Officer Michael Ian Sastrillo in preparation for the Additional Financing 2 (AF2) and European Union Co-Financing implementations and procurement for the second tranche. (MAFAR-BARMM)

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