DA Secretary William Dar with Davao de Oro Governor Jayvee Tyron Uy looking at the plan for new the new infra subproject in the province.

DA-PRDP pours in P4.49 billion infra support to Region XI

Date Published: January 11, 2021


Region XI currently has 55 subprojects worth P4.49 billion under the Department of Agriculture Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP).

This includes 32 farm-to-market roads from five provinces with a combined length of 214.95 kilometers worth P3.59 billion. There are also five (5) FMRs with bridges with a total length of 214.95 kms worth P740 million; 12 potable water supply (PWS) worth P64 million; and six (6) other infra subprojects worth P99 million.

Of all the five provinces in the region, Davao del Sur ranked number one in terms of total investments with nine subprojects worth P1.183 billion. This includes seven (7) FMR subprojects worth P889 million and a total length of 60.06 kilometers where three (3) are already completed. It also has one (1) FMR with bridge subproject worth P250.97 million stretching 14.29 km, and one (1) other infra subproject worth P43 million.

It is followed by Davao del Norte with 14 subprojects amounting to P1.11 billion. This includes eight (8) FMRs worth P876 million; one (1) FMR with bridge worth P205 million; two (2) PWS worth P10 million; and three (3) other infra subprojects worth P25 million.

Out of these 14 subprojects, four (4) FMRs, two (2) other infra, and two (2) potable water supply are already completed.

Meanwhile, Davao de Oro has 14 subprojects worth P935 million which include 10 FMRs worth P690.6 million with a total length of 53.71 kms; two (2) FMR with bridge worth P231 million with a total length of 12.62 km; one (1) PWS worth P6 million; and one (1) other infra subproject worth P26.76 million. Six (6) of these infrastructure development subproject were completed.

For Davao Occidental, there are three (3) FMRs worth P518.98 million with a combined length of 29.86 km which are all under implementation and still on process.

Davao Oriental has the highest number in terms of Potable Water Supply subprojects with 9 PWS worth P47.128 million where five (5) of these are already completed. It also has four (4) FMRs with a total length of 36.22 kms where one is already completed; one (1) FMR with bridge which is already completed worth P52.58 million with 2.20 km length; and one other infra subproject worth P3.6 million.

 These interventions under the Infrastructure Development Component or IBUILD aims to put in place strategic and climate-resilient rural infrastructures in order to provide linkage from farm to market.

The constructions of FMR’s and bridges aim to reduce at least 30% of the average travel time from farm to market and to achieve a 20% increase in the number of satisfied producers with adequacy of access to postharvest services and facilities including other rural infrastructure like PWS and value-adding facilities.

Now on its 7th year implementation, DA-PRDP continues work on the completion of the remaining subprojects under the Original Loan (OL), and continue to implement the subprojects under additional financing (AF-1). (Joy M. Montecalvo)

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