Consultative meeting for a proposed FMR in Tuguegarao City’s eastern part held

Date Published: August 14, 2023
The Department of Agriculture Philippine Rural Development Project (DA PRDP) Project Coordination Office 2, in collaboration with the City Project Management and Implementing Unit (CPMIU) of Tuguegarao City, held a consultative meeting on July 18, 2023, at the Barangay Libag Sur Gymnasium, gathering farmers, fishermen, and barangay officials of Gosi Norte, Gosi Sur, Libag Sur, Libag Norte, Tagga, and Dadda to discuss the forthcoming proposed farm-to-market road.
The primary objective of the meeting was to obtain feedback and gather input from the stakeholders regarding the proposed farm-to-market road, which is set to benefit farmers in the eastern part of Tuguegarao City significantly.
The road aims to enhance transportation and accessibility, ultimately boosting the agricultural sector in the communities along the road’s influence area of six (6) barangays.
Mayor Maila Ting-Cue opened the discussion, expressing her enthusiasm for the project’s potential to uplift the local farming community. She emphasized the importance of providing farmers with better infrastructure and connectivity to enhance their productivity and quality of life. The mayor also commended the DAPRDP for their commitment to rural development initiatives.
During the consultation, representatives from the DA PRDP, spearheaded by Dr. Maria Lourdes Corsino, social and environmental safeguards officer, presented the SES concerns. At the same time, the CPMIU discussed the detailed plans and project scopes for the farm-to-market road. She highlighted how the proposed infrastructure would enhance the transportation of agricultural products, reduce post-harvest losses, and open new opportunities for farmers to access broader markets. The road would connect remote farming communities with urban centers, streamlining the delivery of goods and reducing transportation costs.
The farmers and fishers at the meeting eagerly participated in the discussion, sharing their insights and suggestions. They hoped the proposed farm-to-market route would address these issues and improve their welfare and economic growth.
The different barangay officials supported the project, acknowledging its potential to transform the local agricultural landscape. They assured the participants that they would work closely with the DA PRDP to ensure the successful implementation of the road project, including proper coordination and monitoring.
After the meeting, Mayor Ting-Cue thanked the attendees for their participation and valuable contributions. She assured them that their feedback would be carefully considered and incorporated into the project plans to address their specific needs effectively.
The CMPIU of Tuguegarao also emphasized the importance of continued collaboration and engagement as the project progresses.
The consultative meeting marked a crucial step in developing the proposed farm-to-market road in the eastern part of Tuguegarao City. With constructive dialogue and strong support from the local farmers, fishers, and barangay officials, the project holds great promise for transforming the agricultural sector, enhancing productivity, and uplifting the lives of those in the region. ### (Marky Gallibu, InfoAce Cagayan Valley)
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