IBUILD Team checking the plan for the construction of Lugus farm-to-market road before heading to on site inspection

Bringing development to Sulu

Date Published: July 17, 2019

A team from The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project conducted a site inspection of the proposed Farm-to-market road in Municipality of Lugus, Sulu.

During the site visit, the team experienced the difficulty of transportation in the area after a heavy rain poured in the morning. The road was impassable that the team had to leave the vehicle and walk on the muddy path.

A huge portion of the municipality is covered with coconut but the difficulty in transporting agricultural products caused many of the farmers to abandon their farms. Aside from coconut farming, most locals’ sources of income are fishing and growing seaweeds.

They rely on boat when it comes to transportation around the municipality or delivering their products to other areas of Sulu which makes it harder for them to fast track the delivery of their goods

The upcoming project aims to provide quality roads for the people of Lugus with hopes that it would boost economic activities in the area.

Mayor Hadar M. Hajiri Al-Haj is very supportive and excited for the future implementation of the project in the area. He is positive that once this project will be implemented there will be more development in his municipality.

As of now, they are still waiting for the issuance of No Objection Letter 1 from the National Project Coordination Office.  | Joy M. Montecalvo/PSO 


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