Ribbon cutting ceremony of the Tapian Soka Fish landing. (Photo by Joseph John Palarca)

P21 million infrastructure project turnover to Tandubas, Tawi-tawi

Date Published: July 17, 2019

The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project turned over four infrastructure projects to the Municipality of Tandbuas, Tawi-tawi.

Exactly one year ago, they had a ground breaking ceremony of the said projects under the IBUILD Component. The fast implementation of the project now benefits the 5,169 farmers and fisherfolk in Tandubas.

Amounting to P21 Million, the suprojects include Ballak Warehouse with Solar Drier worth P4.96 million; Tapian Warehouse with Solar Drier worth P4.96 million; Silantup Warehouse with Solar Drier worth P4.96 million; Tapian Soka Fish landing  worth P 5.996 million.

The warehouse and solar driers will benefit the farmers for they can now have proper storage and drying facilities for their agricultural produce. The fish landing on the other hand can now cater the fishing vessels, and boats in transporting goods and riding public not only from the island of Tandubas but also to nearby fishing municipalities and barangays it Tawi-tawi.

Ribbon cutting ceremony of the completed Warehouse. (Photo by Joseph John Palarca)

In her message, Municipal Mayor Raheima Salih showed her support to the project and to the people in her municipality.

“The fact that PRDP gave us these projects is a sign of progress here in Tandubas. Much of the success is through the efforts of our engineers. I always tell them whatever support they need they just tell me as long as we give what is necessary to help improve the lives of our residents here. In terms of project implementation, it’s always a step-by-step process. I also see how supportive the barangays are in terms of these projects that they always make themselves available when it comes to improving our place.”

Present during the turnover ceremony are Amal Solayman (Asst to Minister on Planning and Policy BARMM); Tong Pinguiaman (GGU Unit Head PRDP/Chief of Operations DA); Hon. Hja. Rahiema Salih (Municipal Mayor Tandubas); Engr. Konsong Ladjahassan (MPMIU Head); Engr. Abdurahman Malali (Proj. Engr. Dawing Const.) and barangay chairpersons Hj. Alnajib Asri (Silantup); Hja. Jemma Assil (Ballak); Hja. Nurjam Faisal (Tapian); Hja. Rosatima Awad. Dr. Sahajin Hassan (PAO Tawi-Tawi).

Aside from the completed project, the municipality has an on-going construction of Kepeng-Ungus Matata Farm to Market Road worth P33 million with a total length of 3.6 kilometers. They are targeting to turnover this project before the end of the year since it’s already 99.9% completed. (Joy M. Montecalvo)

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