PRDP Gets Satisfactory Rating From WB

Date Published: June 14, 2021
The Department of Agriculture Philippine Rural Development Project’s 12th World Bank Implementation Support Mission (WB-ISM) officially ended with a satisfactory rating from the World Bank Team on June 10, 2021.
Agriculture Practice Manager Dina Umali-Deininger congratulated PRDP for its progress in implementation that could be seen in all parts of the project.

“PRDP is always the role model we talk about in all our projects,” said Deininger. “I know it’s been challenging with COVID, but we really thank you for being innovative with all the digital tools, the pictures, the videos which are all impressive.”

World Bank Task Team Leader Eli Weiss commended the PRDP family for ensuring the 12th WBISM’s success through its tremendous work in preparing and conducting the virtual mission.

He also said that PRDP took this pandemic not just as a challenge but as an opportunity to innovate and discover new ways of doing things.

“Thank you for taking this pandemic as an opportunity not just a challenge, but actually as an opportunity to make transformational changes in the way you work and provide services. You are really at the forefront of digital transformation,” said Weiss.

In a span of six months, PRDP was able to introduce new developments such as digital innovation which allowed them to maintain the continuity of operations by developing digital solutions since the 11th WBISM. These digital innovations include maximizing the online platform for training and workshop, the PRDP Online Recruitment System, Information System for Procurement, PCIP Planners’ Portal, GeoSmart App and GeoCamera App.

As to the mainstreaming of PRDP tools and Knowledge Management (KM), PRDP already drafted a mainstreaming strategy for the Integration of PRDP Tools and Innovations, KM initiatives developing to capture good practices, and institutionalization of PRDP tools and KM which will contribute to strengthening DA strategic functions and enhancing LGU capacities in view of implementation of the Mandanas Ruling.

In line with the AF2-EU Co-Financing and implementation readiness, PRDP already prepared a substantial pipeline of subprojects for I-BUILD and I-REAP and committed to have revised Project Operations Manual ready for Board Approval by June 17, 2021.
In line with this additional financing, PRDP National Project Director Undersecretary Ariel T. Cayanan said that the Second Additional Financing (AF2) with EU Co-Financing Grant has been one of the greatest successes to date by the Project. This AF-2 has support for Covid-19 recovery which can be a great help to many of our farmers and fisherfolk who still need support and assistance from our government.

“For the last two months, together with the mission, we have worked so hard in anticipation of the approval set to happen this June 17. With the approval of the AF-2, we can scale-up our various PRDP activities and complement DA’s initiative for economic recovery in response to the COVID19 pandemic, all in line of course to the One DA Reform Agenda,” said Cayanan.

With this, PRDP continues its commitment to deliver support to our farmers and fisherfolk in order for them to achieve increased income, and achieve sustainability in their livelihood.

For their part, the Mindanao Cluster continued to deliver significant results in the implementation of infrastructure and enterprise development subprojects as it made measures to effectively mainstream institutional reforms in the delivery of services to farming and fishing communities despite the challenges brought about by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

This adaptation to meet the challenges of the global health crisis has allowed the Cluster to complete 22 infrastructure subprojects through their I-BUILD component amounting to a total of PhP1.322 billion. This is an increase of 144% in terms of the number of subprojects and 44% in terms of subproject cost compared to the previous mission in November 2020.

Similarly on enterprise development the number of completed subprojects grew by 18.75%, from 48 in the last mission to 57 subprojects for this mission where in the past six months, 9.99 million peso worth of subprojects was approved while 9 subprojects amounting to PhP58.17 million were completed for the 12th WBISM.

The three week activity, which kicked off last May 24, 2021, consisted of a series of meetings, highlighted by cluster update presentations, virtual site visits for Project Support Offices (PSO) in North and South Luzon, contractors’ meeting, Proponent Group consultations, and Components and Units Meeting.

The 13th World Bank Implementation Support Mission is tentatively set for November 15, 2021. (Joy M. Montecalvo | PSOMin)

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