Seaweeds Producers Cooperative Undergoes First EOMs in BARMM

Date Published: August 4, 2023

TAWI-TAWI – In preparation for the conduct of the Rapid Appraisal for Emerging Benefits (RAEB) for I-REAP subprojects in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the Balimbing Seaweeds Producers Cooperative undergo with Enterprise Operations Monitoring System (EOMS) using a Data Capture Form (DCF) on July 16-23 at Barangay Balimbing, Panglima Sugala.

The EOMS-DCF activity was initiated to streamline the monitoring of seaweed production and marketing operations of the Balimbing Seaweeds Producers Cooperative, one of the operational subprojects implemented under the PRDP’s original loan portfolio.

According to MAFAR-PRDP Enterprises Development and Marketing Specialist Nasrulah K. Dilangalen, MPA, the activity was the first ever EOMS conducted in I-REAP subproject in BARMM.

“The activity marks a significant milestone as it sets the stage for conducting the first Rapid Appraisal for Emerging Benefits (RAEB) for I-REAP subprojects in BARMM,” said Dilangalen.
The core of the activity was an orientation on the EOMS and DCF conducted in barangay Balimbing. A total of 25 officers and members of the proponent group, led by Chairman and Manager Mra. Norata Soon took part in the orientation, where various forms of the DCF were presented and discussed.

To gather the needed data, each of the 25 members of the cooperative undergo with an interview, and with the help of the M&E unit, the cooperative’s enterprise operation data for three cycles in 2022 and the first cycle in 2023 were collected, covering production cost, production losses, expenditures, seaweed prices at the cooperative level, as well as prices offered by buyers and traders.

The collected data will serve as a crucial basis for assessing the financial health and progress of the enterprise.

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