Promoting Transparency Through Geotagging

Date Published: May 30, 2023

Maguindanao enterprise proponent groups gathered in General Santos City to train on the use of PRDP’s geotagging tool on May 23-26, 2023.

The applied geotagging tool (AGT) is a mobile phone application developed and used by PRDP to promote transparency and accountability of their subprojects. By associating geographical location data with digital media, PRDP is able to effectively track and monitor project implementation.

MAFAR-BARMM Chief of Staff Arphia T. Ebus, JD, expressed her support for the conduct of the activity on behalf of Minister Mohammad S. Yacob, Ph.D.

“This activity is a manifestation of our commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability in implementing PRDP projects,” said Ebus.

Aside from the training, several updates on the status of the I-REAP subprojects in particular, technical concerns on goat housing and coffee processing were also discussed during the activity.

During the training, the participants were trained on the use of the Applied Geotagging Tool using PRDP Camera Apps, as well as the Kobotoolbox and the KoboCollect.

By harnessing the power of geotagging, the Proponent Groups of I-REAP aim to foster transparency in their initiatives, ensuring accurate monitoring, evaluation, and resource allocation. (Naima Mamisel, RPCO BARMM)

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