New water project to provide clean, fresh water to Talubin folks

Date Published: July 22, 2020

BONTOC, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE – Talubin residents will soon have access to clean, safe water with the construction of a new Potable Water System (PWS) Level II under the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP).

Insufficient water supply is experienced by residents in most barangays of Bontoc like Talubin especially during summer season. Residents mostly rely on spring water and makeshift/old pipes from abandoned/damaged water systems. However, they are susceptible to get infected with water-borne diseases which may be attributed to contaminated drinking water.

Through the PRDP’s Project Support Office (PSO), the PWS subproject was recently issued with No Objection Letter II (NOL 2) allowing the proponent local government to proceed with the awarding of contract to the winning bidder.

The subproject costs P5.61 million shared by the World Bank (loan proceeds), the national government through the DA, and the local government of Bontoc. It is expected to directly benefit around 177 households or 886 individuals.

Included in the construction of the Talubin PWS are one reservoir tank, one intake tank, and 17 tap stands to be established in the following areas: Lisin, Boktoy, Sadaw, Fangyaw, Sagtek, Gawana, Liw-ahan, Lanas, and Ledledja. This PWS subproject is the second PRDP-implemented project in Bontoc along with the improvement of the Mainit-Chorngawan water system at barangay Mainit.

While PRDP’s main focus is ensuring development of priority commodities with relevant enterprises and infrastructures, the Project also recognizes the complementing role of healthy communities to make these investments sustainable. ### ELVY S. TAQUIO (CARPCO InfoACE)

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