DA-PRDP 4A continues mainstreaming of I-VCA development to DA-4A

Date Published: January 17, 2024

Towards a more improved response to the agriculture and fisheries sector, the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) Regional Project Coordination Office (RPCO) CALABARZON trained representatives of various offices and programs of the DA Regional Field Office CALABARZON (DA-4A) on the development of a climate-resilient agro-industry oriented value chain analysis (I-VCA). This is part of the DA-PRDP’s ongoing efforts to mainstream its tools and innovations to the DA’s regular operations and programs.

The I-VCA is an enhanced version of the DA-PRDP’s Value Chain Analysis which details the full range of activities an agricultural product/service undergoes from conception to delivery to customers. It aims to create value for the products/services and rationalize the distribution of benefits among all value chain actors. To further achieve its goal, climate and risk assessment tools were integrated into the value chain discussions.

The three-day training covered various topics detailing the entire process of the I-VCA development. Among them are value chain mapping, interfirm relationships, price and cost structure, multi-risk assessment, market and opportunities, support services and enabling environment, constraints and opportunities, and value chain upgrading strategies. Workshops were conducted to immerse the participants in the I-VCA development.

Participants expressed their interest in the I-VCA and desire for it to be fully mainstreamed into their regular operations. According to them, the I-VCA provides a deeper understanding of the industry of various commodities and will help the DA RFO to become more responsive to the needs of the industry and local farmers and fisherfolk.

In 2022, the DA-PRDP 4A has already conducted similar training for provincial local government units across the Calabarzon region. The DA-PRDP 4A has also recently invited DA-4A and LGU representatives to assist in updating its cacao and chicken egg VCAs. After DA-PRDP’s transition to DA-PRDP Scale-Up, the DA-PRDP 4A is set to further capacitate DA-4A and LGU representatives on its new planning mechanisms such as the development of climate-oriented Provincial Commodity Investment Plans and the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Investment Portfolio. #

DA-PRDP PSO South Luzon Planning Officer Alene Gregorio checked the outputs of the participants in the VCA mapping exercise. She discussed where and how the components fit in the commodity value chain process. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa)

DA-PRDP 4A Planning Specialist Gamel Dean discussed how to make a commodity marketing channel for a certain commodity. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa)

DA-PRDP 4A Planning Officer Mary Jane Rayosa assisted DA-4A Corn Program Representative Arlene Natanauan in gathering data from the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan Planners’ Portal as part of the exercises in the training. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa)

DA-4A F2C2 Regional Coordinator Jhoanna Santiago presented how their group mapped the constraints that may be encountered in a certain commodity’s value chain. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa

Participants matched the corresponding functions of certain value chain keyplayers of a commodity and in what value chain segment they belong to. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa)

Participants collaborated in identifying potential risks that may be encountered in each value chain segment of a certain commodity and possible interventions that may help prevent and resolve them. (Photo by Myrelle Joy Bejasa)

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