The Tugui Grande Fresh Produce Farmers Association (Tugui Grande) in Bani, Pangasinan received two (2) greenhouses from the High Value Crops Development Program of the Department of Agriculture Region 1. The greenhouses measure ten (10) by six (6) meters and worth Php139,800 each.

Tomato Enterprise Proponents receive greenhouses from DA RFO 1

Date Published: August 5, 2019

In fulfillment of the commitment of Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Executive Director Lucrecio R. Alviar Jr., CESO III, two (2) successful proponents of tomato enterprise under the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) will receive greenhouses from the Department of Agriculture RFO 1-High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP).

During the 15th Regional Project Advisory Board (RPAB) held on 14 November 2017 at the DA 3rd Floor Conference Room, then Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Regional Director Florante O. Leal recommended for tomato enterprise proponents to put up greenhouses to sustain the production of tomatoes all year-round. The recommendation of Director Leal prompted the commitment of Director Alviar to provide greenhouses to the successful proponents of tomato enterprises under the PRDP.

Among the successful tomato enterprise proponents who  received greenhouses were: the Tugui Grande Fresh Produce Farmers Association (Tugui Grande) in Bani, Pangasinan and the Urdaneta City Organic Farming Rice, Corn, Vegetable Growers Association, Inc. (Urdaneta City Association) in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

The Tugui Grande is the recipient of the Salad Tomato Contract Farming and Support Service Facility Enterprise worth Php7,190,175.00. Urdaneta City Association is awarded the Tomato, Production, Consolidation and Trading Enterprise worth Php4,739,590.

Each tomato enterprise proponent will receive two (2) greenhouses worth Php139,800 each. The greenhouses for Tugui Grande and Urdaneta City Association were already turned over to their respective members.

Measuring ten (10) meters by six (6) meters, the greenhouses will help improve the quality of planting materials to be used by the tomato farmers aside from sustaining a year-round production.

The usage of the greenhouses is governed by a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Agriculture. The farmer organizations are bound to shoulder the costs of the operations and maintenance of the greenhouses; come up with the guidelines and policy of use and operation of the facilities with due consultation with DA RFO 1; and allow fair access and use by all farmer-members.

Meanwhile, the Hundred Islands Farmpreneurs Agriculture Cooperative (HIFACO) which is also the recipient of the Salad Tomato Production, Consolidation and Marketing Enterprise worth Php6,405,147.96 will also receive a nursery facility and multi-cultivators from the DA RFO 1 HVCDP.

During the consultation with the members of the HIFACO on the 8th World Bank Implementation Support Mission, they requested for a nursery facility and multi-cultivators from Director Alviar. The members of the HIFACO intend to intensify their tomato production to deliver more to the Jollibee Foods Corporation, one of their target markets. (Ilocos InfoACE)

The greenhouses of the Tugui Grande are planted with tomatoes for off-season production.


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