Aerial view of the 5.98-km San Agustin - Canmaya Diot farm-to-market road in Sagbayan, Bohol.

PRDP Visayas audits completed P48 million Bohol FMR

Date Published: July 29, 2019

A Regional Operations and Maintenance Audit Team (ROMAT) of the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) conducted its first audit for a completed farm-to-market road (FMR) in Central Visayas.

Subjected to the audit, is the operation and maintenance plan of the municipal local government unit of Sagbayan (MLGU-Sagbayan) on the now completed 5.98-km San Agustin – Canmaya Diot FMR –amounting to P48 million.

According to Engr. Marcial D. Agad, member of the Engineering Unit, the audit is a requirement under PRDP and shall be conducted twice a year or every six months.

This is an evaluation of the local governments’ O & M plan and its corresponding funding allocation,” said Engr. Agad said.

“The O & M ensures maintenance for road sustainability, lack of it will lead to road deterioration,” he added.


A first in Central Visayas, the audit includes the checking of barangay financial related documents (TOP PHOTO) as well as series of dialogues to project beneficiaries.


The evaluation/assessment covers three indicators to include: 1) functionality e.g. riding comfort, reduction in travel time; 2) Physical status of facilities and Structure e.g. roadway width, cracks; and 3) Organizational and Institutional Status of the O & M  Implementation Structuree.g. operation & maintenance fund and utilization, policies and ordinances.

Findings, results and recommendations were presented to the concerned LGU for immediate action.

The 5.98-km San Agustin to Canmaya Diot farm-to-market road is the first-ever FMR to be completed in the Visayas under the foreign-assisted project.



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