The I-REAP or Enterprise Component of the DA-PRDP holds a three-day training on digital marketing for the benefit of their proponent groups.

PRDP stakeholders complete 3-day Online Training on Digital Marketing

Date Published: October 21, 2020

The Enterprise Component of the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) conducted a nationwide three-day online training on digital marketing last September 25, 28, and October 9, 2020. A total of 657 representatives from all project support offices, regional components and units, local government units, and proponent groups (PGs) attended and actively participated in the said activity.

The virtual training primarily worked on the following objectives: to increase awareness and appreciation of the benefits of digital marketing, to assist the PGs in identifying appropriate digital marketing strategies for their products and services by crafting their customized digital marketing plans, and to identify different digital marketing platforms and organizations that the PGs could work with in the future.

In the three-day training, Assistant Professor Renen “Chip” De Guzman introduced strategies on digital marketing using different approaches such as input discussion, sharing, workshop planning and presentation to ensure the active participation of the attendees.

Renen “Chip” De Guzman, faculty at the University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Economics and Management, shares and discusses his expertise in management, entrepreneurship, and market research for the PRDP’s three-day training on digital marketing.

During the workshop proper, the participants were divided into 31 groups to formulate their digital marketing plan which comprised of FAQs on their products, pricing, delivery methods, and payment procedures.

Moving forward, the participants agreed on the necessary reintroduction of their products through new digital marketing platforms, starting with the improvement of their branding based on trends on consumer behavior.

Participants from the PRDP staff to the local government units and proponent groups attend the three-day training on digital marketing.


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