Date Published: August 24, 2021
Santa Ignacia, TARLAC – The establishment of a multiplier cattle farm with a total project cost of P11.9 million will soon materialize in Brgy. San Sotero is part of the initiative of the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) to increase the availability of breeds for the production of premium and quality beef in the province.
At present, the subproject has attained 96% in its physical accomplishment and will soon be turned over to the San Sotero Primary Multipurpose Cooperative for operation and maintenance.
The facility is composed of a maternity house, nursery with groundworks such as a weighing station, warehouse, garage, and quarters that are conducive to raising cattle.
There are around five meat stalls in nearby markets which tend the demand for beef to be relatively high.
It is seen that the enterprise will be the center for breeding cattle production in the locality. With this, it will stock and house at least 100 heifers and two purebred Brahman bulls.
Particularly, the project aims to produce 48 heads of breeder beef cattle in its first year of operation and will market the offspring in its second year.
The cooperative can nurture and look after more animals by maximizing the potential of the breeder farm with proper food safety and animal welfare methods.
Opening more opportunities, DA-PRDP is bent on advocating livestock farming which supports livelihood and offers food security even leading to the creation of the next generation of farmers and cattle raisers. (Ma. Reina Len Luna, RPCO 3 InfoACE)
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