Communication Made Easier

Date Published: June 11, 2018

As communication plays a vital role in the delivery of service, the Geo-Mapping and Governance Unit (GGU) of the Philippine Rural Development Project has initiated the development of an internet-based video conferencing tool, to enable a stronger link between the National Project Coordination Office and its regional counterparts.

With the project requiring a regular assessment and evaluation and frequent travel to project sites, the use of video conferencing is seen to benefit both the government and the project beneficiaries.

Last May 10 and 11, a trial web-conference was conducted by the GGU, which was participated by Deputy Project Director Cirilo Namoc, GGU officials and representatives from the four location clusters of the Philippine Rural Development Project.

The simulation was part of the improved communication strategy of the Project, which seeks to institutionalize a more regular coordination scheme between implementers, from the clusters and regional offices.

Aside from being cost-effective and time-efficient, the tool is very significant in the execution of plans of actions of the PRDP as it will be instrumental in providing easy access to project information on initiatives conducted in the 81 provinces covered.

With the assistance of the Information Communication and Technology Service of the Department of Agriculture, the teleconferencing online platform can accommodate 25 participants in different sites with a minimum requirement of just one megabyte per second of internet connection. ### (Adora Rodriguez – NPCO InfoACE Unit – Info Officer, Photo by: Kathrino Resurreccion / Joseph Caldino)




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