Resident of Brgy. Sumucab enjoys clean water supply that streams from the communal faucet of the Level II Cavinti Potable Water System. (Photo by Ana Francesca Chavez)

Cavinti PWS streams clean water, invigorates beneficiaries

Date Published: September 4, 2018

With joy and gratitude, Cavinti, Laguna resident Erlinda Octavio-Ramos, expressed the ease brought by regular and clean water supply from the completed “Construction of Level II Cavinti Potable Water System (PWS)”.

Octavio-Ramos and other beneficiaries worry no more for their daily household chores requiring water as the PWS resolves the long-standing problem of potability and intermittent water supply in barangays Sumucab, Layug, Udia, Poblacion, and Duhat ever since 1960s. The contaminated water from the dilapidated AC (asbestos-cement) pipes posed a danger to the health of 2,624 households or 10,490 individuals. With the new and durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic) pipes from the PWS subproject, households may now use the water even for drinking and cooking.

Benefits in households and farm productivity

Noon, masyadong maputik parang galing sa kanal. Nakakatakot din naman magkaroon pa ng ibang sakit. Ngayon doon na kami nagsasaing. Ang hugas ng plato namin okay na, wala nang amoy… Kumbaga malaki na ang improvement ng tubig dito, nakakatuwa na. Hindi ka na maghihintay ng hating gabi para makapag-ipon ng tubig, makapaglaba, yung gusto mong gawin ok kasi marami na ang tubig (The water before was muddy just like from the canal. We used to be afraid to use the water for cooking but now, we use the water for cooking rice and washing dishes. We are glad the water system truly improved. We no longer wait for wee hours just to save water and do laundry. You can now do your chores because of ample water supply), Octavio-Ramos gladly storied.

Seventy-two communal faucets are installed in the upland barangays of Sumucab and Layug for easier access decreasing 50% of the time for fetching water. Water supply in lowland barangays are sourced from the new pipe distribution network making the water 24 hours available to the households. Aside from the household benefits, the farm productivity of Cavinti will increase to an estimated P1.2 million per year due to the increased water availability. Farmers are also expected to be more productive as they save time from manually fetching water from distant places and also due to lesser incidence of water-borne diseases among their family.

 Safeguarding the PWS for generations

The Barangay Water Sanitation Association (BAWASA), composed of the resident-beneficiaries, works with the Cavinti Water Works System (CWS) of the municipal local government to ensure the PWS will be well maintained. Aside from reporting problems, BAWASA preserves the cleanliness of the installed project and its surrounding area. Howard Miras, head of the CWS mentioned that BAWASA will be helpful in their regular monitoring as they need eyes on the ground to effectively safeguard the project. In this way, residents will have more sense of ownership and responsibility for the PWS.

Sourcing water from five springs in Brgy. Sumucab, Miras is confident that the PWS will consistently supply potable water for the next generations. He also hopes for additional filtration system so they can source water even from the river nearby as the population in Cavinti arises.

The Cavinti PWS is the first completed PWS subproject in South Luzon cluster and the second biggest next to Level II Potable Water System in Luisiana, Laguna. Aside from the 10,490 individuals, tourists and potential investors are expected to benefit from this project. ### (Rio Christine Bustamante, DA-PRDP South Luzon PSO InfoACE Unit)

Resident of Brgy. Sumucab enjoys clean water supply that streams from the communal faucet of the Level II Cavinti Potable Water System. (Photo by Ana Francesca Chavez)

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