6 subprojects are now 100% completed in Isabela

Date Published: April 16, 2019

After having the first Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)-funded Capirpiriwan diversion dam to be finished two and a half months ahead of its target completion date without incurring negative slippages throughout its construction, Isabela Province has set another record of having one (1) farm-to-market road (FMR) and two (2) Small Water Impounding Project (SWIPs) which registered 100% actual physical accomplishment.

“San Placido-Sinamar FMR is 100% complete and it is clear for final billing,” Engr. Edmund Bert Banzali, RPCO 2 Roads and Bridges Specialist said after the Joint Inspectorate Team (JIT) conducted its visit to the subproject on April 2-5, 2019.
“The inspection focused on the compliance under punch list the team has conducted recently,” he said.

Meanwhile, SWIPs in Dummon, Quezon; Kabigaan, Roxas; Namnama, Tumauini; Aguinaldo and Lapu-Lapu in Naguilian are 100% completed. However, only Kabigaan and Aguinaldo SWIP are clear for final billing as the rest have yet to comply with some requirements as recommended by the JIT.

“We are working closely with our stakeholders and the effort of the monitoring team and the Local Government Unit cannot be gainsaid in bringing inclusive growth in the countryside,” Regional Project Coordination Office 2 (RPCO 2) Project Director and DA RFO 2 Executive Director Narciso A. Edillo said on the number of subprojects which are 100% completed.

During the Luzon A Cluster General Assembly held in Subic recently, the Project Support Office (PSO) awarded a Plaque of Recognition to PLGU Isabela for having the most number of approved I-BUILD subprojects. There are 22 approved subprojects in Isabela Province.
Likewise, RPCO 2 was also declared as the Most Efficient Region in terms of GGU Compliances, Most Improved RPCO in terms of Procurement in the North Luzon cluster for C.Y. 2018, and Most Efficient Region in terms of Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Rehabilitation Iraga-Bayabat farm-to-market road (FMR) was also adjudged as the best FMR in terms of Physical Progress, Documentation, Operations, Maintenance, and SES Compliance. The Rural Infrastructure Engineer (RIE) of the subproject is Engr. Edmund Bert Banzali. (Dr. Ferdinand N. Cortez, RPCO2 InfoACE)

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